Artist Statement

I am a devoted celebrant of the beauty of wood. Each piece I design and make is intended to honor the unique and diverse qualities of this medium.  In each work, I see an opportunity for trees to live on and maintain their beauty in this world.



Born in St. Louis, I have lived most of my life in the Midwest.  I obtained an Associate of Art and Design degree from Parkland College. I studied art at University of Iowa and University of Illinois. I later obtained  a BLA from University of Illinois with Masters studies in Urban Planning.  As a Campus Planner for the University of Illinois the work was often challenging but it did not fill my need for a creative outlet.

In 1993 I took up woodworking as a hobby and immediately connected with it.  I am self taught and initially pursued traditional furniture forms, joinery and techniques in order to better understand wood and how to properly work with it.

I had a long time yearning to return to my artistic roots and realized that wood could be a great medium for art. I departed from traditional forms and sought develop my own voice and expressions with my work.


My first art gallery show was in 2004.  Since then, I have done many shows.  I was fortunate to win NICHE Awards for my work in 2007 and 2011.  I have created special works for clients all over America and as far as New Zealand and Australia. 

The best way to describe my work is that I am a constant explorer with a wanderlust for new avenues of design and use of media.  Each new project offers excitement for the possibilities.


Thomas Skaggs

1806 Pleasant Street

Urbana, Illinois 61801




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